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About Gary

 I was miserable and unhappy. I was a victim of my thoughts and beliefs. I was unconsciously living by the programs of family, society, and other people's opinions. I was struggling to be a success based on the opinions and beliefs of other people. I was exhausted working for others and unconsciously hoping that I would get some recognition from others so that I might get some morsel of feeling good enough. When this didn't happen, I began to realize the depth to which my mind had me hypnotized by the beliefs I had acquired from others. 

I made a disturbing discovery.  -  I couldn't trust my mind. 

It was telling me to work harder, and that I should return to a relationship partner I was miserable with. My mind was telling me that I didn't deserve anything better. My thoughts told me that I was such a worthless person that no one else would want me, and I would be lucky if she would take me back. 

The very mind that I had relied on for years to make decisions and guide me was the source of some really self-sabotaging decisions that we telling me I was worthless.  I didn't even know the extent of the problem or how to change it. But I knew I had to. I would later learn these types of thoughts were arising from my unconscious beliefs. 

I decided that I would change the decision-making process in my head and be happy no matter what. Even if I didn't know how long it would take, how to do it, or if it was even possible I had to try. I refused to continue to live in the misery my mind was making for me and I would do anything to change it. I felt that commitment rise up in me like a force as it was the most important decision of my life. 

I met my mentor and guide, Don Miguel Ruiz two weeks later. He went on to write best selling books like The Four Agreements. I studied closely with Miguel for many years. I traveled with him to Mexico, Bali, Egypt, and many other places. I would also spend casual time with him and his family.  His guidance and support for my journey and transformation has blessed me beyond what I had known possible. I can not pay him back. I can only pay it forward by sharing with others what I have learned. 

The journey is a process of developing self-awareness skills and gathering personal power to change the automated programs of your mind so that you could be happy and fulfilled. 

What started as a desire to escape misery turned into so much more. A heart-centered way of living in expanded consciousness and with access to a joy within that I didn't know existed before.

Today my life is about guiding others in making the changes they want to their inner world through online training and events around the world. 

Your Hosts
Gary van Warmerdam, founder of, the Self Mastery Courses and author of the book MindWorks.

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