Self Mastery Community
Self Mastery Community

We're creating a place for people to change their inner world

Trainings and conversation for people motivated to change their thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

About Us

We were both miserable and unhappy through times in our lives. We were operating from reactions and didn't have control over our thoughts and emotions. In our search to get to the core of the problem we discovered we needed to adress the unconscious beliefs driving our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

The journey became a process of developing skills of self awareness to change the automated program of our mind, so we could be happy and fulfilled. What started as a desire to get out of misery turned into so much more. A heart-centered way of living in expanded consciousness and with access to a joy within we didn't know existed before.

Today we are supporting others in making the changes they want to their inner world through online trainings and workshops around the world. 

Your Hosts
Gary van Warmerdam, founder of, the Self Mastery Courses and author of the book MindWorks.
Eva Beronius, founder of and the meditation course Beyond the Mind.

What you will get

Joining this community is free and will give you access to introductory trainings, practices and connections with other people on a similar journey. If you're serious about changing your life there are several in depth training programs available for purchase.

Here's what you will get when you join the community:

  • Participate in high quality Self Mastery trainings, both for self study and with a guide.

  • Get exclusive content, conversations and practices on self awareness and belief systems that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Meet people who, like you, are motivated to change their inner world of thoughts and emotions, by changing their program of beliefs at the core.

  • Swap stories, experiences, and insights (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.

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Get started with a free training

When you join the Self Mastery Community you get immediate access to the Self Mastery Introduction and the Intro to Meditation and Relaxation. Lessons with practices that will introduce you to the skills you need to change beliefs driving your thoughts and emotions.